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 Welcome to the
Fairies Heart Center

Our sacred space 


The Fairies Heart Centre, is superbly positioned right next door to Away with the Fairies Nature Lodge,

both of them unashamedly boasting the most perfect locations in Hogsback.

With incredible views of the 3 Hogsback Mountains and Kettlespout waterfall the Heart Centre

is perched atop of the ancient Auckland Nature Reserve with the historic Tyume Valley far below.  

Hiking trails into this ancient wonderland start at Away with the Fairies and lead through indigenous forest,

past several waterfalls and up mountains, the nature is perfect!

The Fairies Heart Centre building is a Sacred Space that was created by a gifted local craftsman

using solid alien timber harvested from the properties – along with lots and lots of glass to admire the beautiful views.  

This sacred space is also hosting Wedding ceremonies for up to 40 pax.

The building leads out onto a private garden with a fire circle - amid nature and tranquility.

With Away with the Fairies Nature Lodge and the Green Dragon Café right next door,
- we have everything covered.


We provide the Sacred Space for ceremony, venue for reception, accommodation, catering & bar service & not to forget the incredible views and unforgettable nature.

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Satsang with Satara

This sacred space allows for the safe exploration, experience, expression and embodiment of being. 
This is a practice of presence, meeting ‘what is’ with radical acceptance in relation to self

and others within the power of a resonant, unified field. 

This space allows for deeper nervous system relaxation and greater system capacity,

shifting from fear and anxiety into deeper safety and trust of self and life. 

Tai Qi with Mike

Experience meditation in motion.

A comfortable combination of structure and flow by following simple concepts of Tai Chi & Qigong.

All skill levels are welcomed.

Tuesday's & Thursday's
Satsang with Satara

Wednesday's & Saturday's
Tai Chi and Qigong


Conscious Dance

Contribution is R100.00 per person for the above individual sessions.

What we offer:



If you are looking for a small intimate wedding, surrounded by rustic nature backdrops

with heart-breaking views then Away with the Fairies is the perfect spot to do it - all in one place!   

The Fairies Heart Center is the perfect place to host your wellness retreat, workshop or conduct healing journey work.

We would love to hear from you if you are looking for a serene space to share your magic in.

We have on site accommodation available at Away with the Fairies for your guests

as well as a fully equipped kitchen to cater for the group during their stay.

(catering costs, preferences and menu would be discussed with the Green Dragon Cafe)

Please note that events may be booked out of season only.


“The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind.”

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